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1PCS Ant Farms Concrete Cement Treasure Wing S Small Pet Ant Nest Acrylic Bionic Nest Ant House Castle Ant Feeding Area

1PCS Ant Farms Concrete Cement Treasure Wing S Small Pet Ant Nest Acrylic Bionic Nest Ant House Castle Ant Feeding Area

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Super white high toughened Museum glass

Process treatment of water bowl with no slots and no Sands

Treasure - gathering wing nests are treated with the latest process of no gap and no sand - piling water bowl. Perhaps, you ant friends are not sure why other shops sell nests that pile sand near water bowls, " this is definitely not because of good looks! " it is mainly because the gap between the water bowl and the nest body is too large during installation, so sand must be piled to prevent ants from escaping from prison. However, there may be serious consequences. sand grains need a lot of glue to stick. even good glue that is soaked for a long time will release the chemicals inside the glue. Do you think that the pet ants you bought with a lot of money may be healthy if you drink water soaked with glue everyday? For your ants, please choose a healthy nest for her!

This is an ant friend offering 100 all-yellow Toxotoc ants.

Jubao Yuanbao Nest

A not afraid of gnawing, can be washed repeatedly, has dual moisturizing effect of the concrete nest was born!

After numerous failures, exclusive mix of a variety of secret recipe, the main material: concrete volcanic stone natural red sand recipe

The advantages are as follows:

1. superlarge nests + superlarge active area

Data: Overall size-100MM wide 88MM &; nbsp; High 128MM nest depth 50MM &;; nbsp; (left and right) can meet the needs of ants of all sizes.

2. adoptionSuper clear Super whitetemperingmuseum2mm glass

3. nests with their own expansion

4. ants with stairs inside the nest are convenient to enter and leave

5. the super large condensing gauze net reaches the diameter of 30MM in the nest.

6. 5 ml super-large water storage feeder

7The interior of the nest is added to the design of light and dark areas. Ants are observed to reduce the storm.

8. The new version of Tuhao gold plate nest body surface is bronzing, the activity area uses the imitation marble pattern concretePaving the bottom

Jubao Yuanbao NestA new ant nest material for small communities, volcanic rock + natural red sand + n secret formula moisturizing 2 in 1, can choose the appropriate moisturizing method according to the ant species in the indoor environment of your geographical location.


It\'s hard to buy more products without discount. The price has been set at a minimum level of .

The nest is very strong. The bubbles will not be damaged if the ants brush. The is perfect.

Data: overall size - long 100MM width 88MM high 128MM nest depth 50MM (left and right)

Capacity: small ants such as big head shop to class 1500About at most.

&; nbsp; &; nbsp; &; nbsp; &; nbsp; &; nbsp; &; nbsp; Medium differentiated ants-for example-harvesting up to 400 jobsabout

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & & medium-sized undifferentiated ants, for example, Nick bar can accommodate up to the maximum.About

&; nbsp; &; nbsp; &; nbsp; &; nbsp; &; nbsp; &; nbsp; Large differentiated ants-for example-total yellow up to about 150 work

&; nbsp; &; nbsp; &; nbsp; &; nbsp; &; nbsp; &; nbsp; Large undifferentiated ants-for example-red-headed arched back & amp; nbsp; 100 workersabout

This nest is suitable for the new post-newborn community and the small ant community.


This nest is a handmade Nest, the paste of the shell, the production of water boxes, and the sculpture of the nest body are all made step by step. The data is not as accurate as the machine.

Introduction to moisturizing

1: air moisturizing principle the nest indoor inlay a circular box side to the box through the pipe to connect to the box to realize the outside water to add the inside to enjoy the strategy the yarn net uses the 316L500 mesh net ant egg will not fall will not rust A very advanced material. The net prevents the ant from evaporating the air vapor and produces the humidity in the nest to ensure the humidity needed by the ant. There is a circular hole at the bottom to observe the water flow in the box (important note: this moisturizing is suitable for some ants that need low humidity, such as: bow-back harvest, etc.)

2: medium moisturizing idiot operation simple function transparent nest with shell, lock water, back 20MM width of sand soil principle through fine medium to fit the nest body and water sand soil in sand soil quickly absorb water diffusion and stable and uniform to transfer moisture to the nest body, that is, sandy soil moist nests It\'s basically wet because they fit together. Reach the moisture of the nest material. How much water can be controlled by the height of the sandy soil to control the humidity of the medium (important: this moisturizing ant is suitable for the 1: moisturizing ant and can also be suitable for the termite and some other with high humidity requirements).

The above two moisturizing methods can be used alone or in combination. This requires the player to judge the ant\'s cognition of the ant\'s habits.



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